Virtual Tradeshow DYNAMIC DUOS 2022is Now
We bring the DEALS, SERVICE, EXPERIENCE, EVENT to YOU! March 14th - April 2nd
More dynamic than ever. It’s time to bring together the best duos in the industry with our 2022 virtual tradeshow. Join us for another dynamic virtual experience to see the latest product & program innovations. Discover new bigger & better deals while unlocking greater prize levels. The two new virtual features include:
  • Scavenger hunt: Find and click on hidden “dynamic duos” icons throughout the virtual platform to win points.
  • Leaderboard : Live leaderboard ticker showcasing top point totals!

The show starts on March 14th at 10AM PST, and you can shop the best duos & deals through April 2nd. Items begin shipping out April 25th 2022.

Booking Timeframe (All Shipments)


March 14th to April 2nd






  • Big savings opportunities
  • Bundled deals
  • 3 weeks of ordering opportunities
  • Winning Vendors
  • New Item showcase
  • New cool vendors
  • Receive points for visiting booths
  • Search by vendor or product to easily visit show booths
  • Virtually walk the tradeshow floor and visit booths

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an online virtual tradeshow. You do not have to travel to any specific location. You can participate anywhere that you have Internet access. The event is accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
The tradeshow deals, prizes and ordering will continue to be available from March 14th thorough April 2nd.
You need to be a purchasing Harbor Wholesale customer to participate. Please contact the Harbor Wholesale team to get your customer number.
After login, you will be able to visit vendor booths and order products. Amazing deals will be available to you starting March 14th”. remove the sentence about live chat on March 18th. Change the second sentence to be through April 2nd.
There is no cost to attend this Virtual Tradeshow. You are free to browse the event, view deals, order products, obtain points to win prizes, interact with the booths setup and chat with vendors and fellow attendees.
First register for the virtual conference by getting your Harbor Customer Number. Then starting March 14th, 2022 return and log in for access to explore the event, view deals and talk with vendors and fellow attendees.
Drop us an email at and we will be in touch!